1CLICK DVD Copy Pro Latest

1CLICK DVD COPY – PRO is a fast, easy-to-use, full featured program for copying DVD movies onto DVD discs. The latest version now incorporates CPRx technology to ensure the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies.

You now have complete control over the final copy. Use the Copy Presets; or the more advanced features to select what content will be copied and how much compression will be used. With 1CLICK DVD COPY – PRO, you can make a perfect copy with just one click.

Creating backup copies of your DVDs can actually be a bit more challenging than simply copying files from the optical drive to a location on your hard drive or LAN. This becomes evident the moment you want to clone a movie and preserve the menu structure, languages and extras.

To make this task as less tedious as possible, many specialized tools have been created and among them you will surely discover 1Click DVD Copy. As the name clearly states, the main focus is to minimize the interaction with the user and create perfect disc copies on the spot.

Since such an application should be very easy to use and target beginners and professional users alike, 1Click DVD Copy’s look has been reduced to a minimum, so you won’t waste your time with complex configurations.

Thus, the main window comprises just the tools you need to copy a DVD on the fly, but those looking for a bit of customization can have a look in the options menu. In there you will find the settings that enable you to create a copy on the local disk, include extras or episodes from the DVD, make all the languages available in the copy as well, include subtitles and movie menus.

Although it may seem a basic tool, 1Click DVD Copy hides many more features. Not only that you can choose the burn speed and the volume name via the right-click menu in the main window, but it also comes with some goodies for expert users, such as DVD-R write mode and CPRx error correction.

The copying process can take quite some time, depending on how much information you have stored on the disc. During our tests, 1Click DVD Copy took a whole hour to clone a full DVD to a local folder.

To conclude, it’s safe to say that this application can get the job done very well and it really needs only one click to do that. The extra settings are a welcomed bonus so both advanced and less-experienced users can benefit from it.

Key Features:

*Windows 8 Compatible.
*CPRx technology for copying new DVD movies.
*Copy Presets – One click preset for each type of DVD copy.
*Preview the movie, extras and menus.
*Include or exclude movie and menus based on preview.
*Select individual audio, video, and subtitles streams.
*Control the amount of video compression used.
*Make additional backup copies without re-copying the DVD.
*Copy Episodic DVD Movies, TV Series, etc.
*Copy a movie to your hard drive – great for laptops.
*Supports copying of Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS).
*Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.
*Supports Dual Layer media.
*Free software updates for a year.
*Free technical support.


2.Close program
3.Patch to folder location

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