NETGATE Spy Emergency 15.0.305.0 [Latest]

Spyware & Trojan & Spam Removal

Spy Emergency Spyware & Trojan & Spam Remover cleans and protects your PC from spyware, trojans, adware, worms and spam. Would not it be nice if you did not have to worry about spyware, adware, trojans and spam on your PC, no ugly popups, no PC slowdown? Clean and protect your PC Now.

AntiSpyware & AntiSpam Features Overview:

-Quick, System, Full and Custom scan types to start spyware scan by one simple click
-Spyware Remover Module – Detects and Removes Spyware, Adware
-Trojan Remover Module – Detects and Removes Trojans and Worms
-Spam Remover Module – Detects and Removes Spam
-Built-in proactive resident shield protection with dynamic heuristic engine that can even detect new and unknown online threats
-Lowlevel Anti-rootkit Protection
-Site Identity Verifier – Verifies well-knows good and bad sites
-Extended behavioral heuristic scanning
-Support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers
-Scan of your system memory – scan of running programs and removal of spyware and malware
-Scan of your registry – scan of registry keys for spyware and malware
-Scan of your storage – scan of your hard disk drives, CD/DVD/USB drives for spyware and malware
-Built-in anti-spam – removal of spam, spyware, worms, trojans from your mailbox
-System directory storage scan – scan and removal of spyware, trojans, worms from your Windows system directory folder
-Tracking cookies scan – removal of tracking cookies generated by web browser
-Host file scan – removal of entries added by spyware to your host file
-Hijackers scan – removal of adware which redirects your browser to other web sites
-Heuristic malware detection – detection of malware based of its characteristics
-Polymorhic malware detection – detection and removal of trojans that change its binary structure
-Generic unpacker with support for UPX, Aspack,… for detection of packed executables
-Command line interface to scan for spyware from command line
-Automatic LSP stack repair – to repair damages caused by adware and blocking internet connection
-Real-time memory shields that blocks spyware, adware, trojans and viruses before it executes
-Prevention shields that blocks malware installation
-Browser shields, including homepage shield to block modification of registry
-Tracking cookies shields – scans and removes cookies in realtime
-Automatic incremental database updates
-News updates of latest online threats added to the signature database
-Individual items restore functionality
-Keeplist – malware on this list will be excluded from system scan
-Scheduling support to schedule spyware scan at specified time
-Simple configuration for easy usage
-Intuitive and clear user interface for spyware removal
-Handy Shell Extension Scanning
-Skin support to match your individual preference
-Language support to choose your prefered language
-Premium Technical support
-and much more…


1.Unpack and install
2.Run patch to spyemergency.exe
3.Open keygen type name/email and generate serial
4.Run program use generated serial

Download link:

NETGATE Spy Emergency 15.0.305.0 + Keygen & Patch / (23.9mb)