Skype Ad Remover 1.0 Portable [Latest]

Skype Ad Remover – is the software to instantly disable all form of advertisements on Skype Messenger. Skype has recently started showing ads on main screen as well as chatting windows. User has no choice but to get distracted during chatting/conferencing and this can get highly annoying at times. But now you no longer have to worry about it, as our new tool ‘Skype Ad Remover’ can help you to get rid of all these annoying ads with just click of a button.

Key features of Skype Ad Remover:
* One-click disable ads in Skype
* Able to turn back any
* Very easy to use for all classes of users
* No need to restart the system
* Fully portable, does not require Java or .NET.
* Works without installation on your computer.
* Not prescribed in the system.
* Packed into a single file.

How to use:
* Run Skype Ad Remover as administrator.
* It will show you the current status of advertising: advertising is working (Enabled) or ads blocked (Disabled).
* Now you can just press the button Enabled/Disabled to enable or disable ads in Skype messenger.
* You may need to restart Skype to make the changes take effect.

Download link:

Skype Ad Remover 1.0 EN/ Portable / (2.3mb)