Uniblue MaxiDisk 2015 + Crack

Uniblue MaxiDisk is a compact solution for hard disk maintenance. MaxiDisk powerful program to clean the hard disk from unnecessary waste: temporary files of Windows and Internet files, which are created by different applications and accumulate in your web browser. Just Uniblue MaxiDisk is a professional solution for defragmenting the disk that would improve the performance of your computer hard drive.
Hard drives are prone to accumulation of unnecessary files such as old backups, temporary files and temporary Internet files that can be created by applications or files saved by a web browser. While some files can not be moved, other files can be defragmented to reduce download time and free up valuable storage space.

A key component of the product is the standard defragmentation tool with a relatively small set of features. However, those computer owners who are accustomed to using for this purpose built defragmenter Windows, will be able to see the difference with the naked eye. MaxiDisk analyzes the contents of the disk is much faster than the corresponding built-in component of the operating system provides more detailed information on the location of the data on the disk and indicates to fragmentation. Users will be able to defragment manually or automate this process by using the built-in Task Scheduler.

There is also will be simple and functional tools to clean your system. Including MaxiDisk independently detects various file junk on the disk and provides the ability to remove it. The computer owner will be able to get rid of the contents of the temporary folder, as well as the outdated backups, in which he no longer feels the need. In addition, MaxiDisk allows you to free disk space by compressing large files and provides the user with additional information about the computer.


With MaxiDisk you can:
Analyze your hard disk to find out which files can be defragmented and how much free disk space.
Clear all unnecessary files, including temp files and old backups stored on your hard drive.
Compress large files to gain valuable disk space
Easily manage settings and access to critical information systems.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


1. Unpack and install
2. Run Activator
3. Insert details and register
4. Done.


Download link:

Uniblue MaxiDisk 2015 Setup + Activator / (5.5mb)