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N-Button Pro creates widgets that float on your desktop to control external devices, send specified data, run applications, send HTTP requests or send data lists. It supports Serial Port/USB and Network connection between PC and devices.

It allows you to access and control the widgets remotely. Through internet browser, you can control your devices from anywhere with your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Windows tablet as well as Linux and Mac.
It supports special widgets for relay controller boards of National Control Devices, ENTTEC DMX devices and Velleman relay card.

It’s very easy to create and modify widgets by N-Button Pro Manager:

  • Relay Button widgets are used to turn relays on/off directly. It was never so easy to control relays!
  • Relay Status widgets are used to display status of the relay automatically.
  • A/D Meter widgets are used to read and show the value of A/D channel automatically.
  • Scan Channel widgets are used to read the contact closure inputs.
  • Dimmer Button widgets are used to control brightness of lights.
  • Dimmer Slider widgets are used to control brightness of lights with slider.
  • Camera Widget shows real-time image from the connected AXIS, Bosch, Mobotix, or Panasonic IP camera.
  • PTZ Button widgets control Pan, Tilt and Zoom for AXIS, Bosch, Mobotix, or Panasonic IP camera.
  • Label widgets allow you to show static text or image on your desktop.
  • Customized Button widgets can be set to send specified command data to any connected devices besides relay boards. It can be set to open a file, a folder or a program, run any application or send http request. It also supports send data list. A group of data can be sent to serial port or IP address just by clicking the created button.
  • Advanced Customized Button allows you to control different devices at same time. Several actions can be added and each action can work for different device.


N-Button Pro

1. Unpack and install
2. Copy and replace cracked exe to installation directory
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