WinGuard PRO 2016 10.0 Full

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WinGuard Pro Security Suite is a program that can secure your computer using Triple Layer Locking (TLL). The TLL adds password protection to your Windows Programs, Encrypts your Files and Folders and provides Extra Locking for tasks such as; Internet sessions, Registry Access, Restricting Task Manager, etc.

Locks any file, folder or program on your computer.WinGuard Pro lets you lock down any program, window or files on your computer with a password. WinGuard Pro allows you to lock down the files and block people from installing new software on your personal computer. WinGuard Pro is fully configurable with password time delays, screen blanking and so on. It has over 50 common build in programs like Control Panel, Windows Explorer, Add or Remove Programs, Internet Explorer, Run, the list is endless, and you can even add your own programs, windows and files to the list.
Key Features:

  •  Lock Any Program with a Password
  •  Encrypt Files, Folders & Drives from Windows Explorer
  •  Disable Software Installation
  •  Password Protect Windows Explorer
  •  Password Internet Explorer, FireFox and Downloads
  •  Restrict Registry and Task Manager
  •  Works Alongside any Antivirus/Spyware Program


WinGuard PRO 2016 10.0



1. Disconnect from interent
2. Unpack and install
3. Done.

Download link:

WinGuard PRO 2016 10.0 Full Setup / (68.4mb)