Hide Folders 5.3 Build Final + Crack

Hide Folders 5 is an innovative software application which enables you to password protect all the private information on your hard drive. You can make your files and folders inaccessible, invisible or protect them from modification. The protected folders or files are not accessible by any users no matter how they are trying to get in locally or from the net. Continue reading

Hide Folders Pre-activated [Latest]

Hide Folders – an easy tool for hiding your sensitive information from outsiders. The program allows you to hide entire folders on computers running Windows. Very convenient and easy to use, simply drag a folder in the concealed window and pressing a single button. Program Hide Folders 2012 was specifically designed to help you keep your secrets secret. The following are just some of the characteristics of the program, which allows it to effectively and simply solve the problem of protecting your privacy.

Features and benefits:
– Effective protection methods allow you to hide files and folders from other users on Windows XP and Windows Vista.
– Hidden files and folders are available only to you and nobody else.
– 4 protection methods available: Hide, Lock, Hide & Lock, Read Only.
– It supports all file systems: NTFS, FAT, FAT32
– Supports file masks, which allow you to protect only certain types of files.
– Unlimited number of protected sites.
– “Trusted processes”, allow you to back up your files in a secure state.
– The program does not modify the file system – all the protection provided in the file driver.
– Password protection on startup Hide Folders 2009.
– Password protection removal program Hide Folders 2009.
– Removing Hide Folders 2009 manual does not lead to the disclosure of the data
– If you try to remove the top-level folder, secure files and folders are not removed.
– Many options to hide the traces of hidden files and the program itself.
– Protection from blocking system folders.
– stealth mode – you can not detect in Task Manager Windows.
– Data protection at security Windows.
– Shortcuts.
– Manage the command line.
– Integration with Windows Explorer
– Protection of folders, called on Russian and any other languages.
– Intuitive and extremely simple user interface with visual styles support.

Download link:

Hide Folders Pre-activated / (5.3mb)